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Allen-Bradly PLC is the most powerful and most popular PLC in the world. Since the Allen-Bradly products are much better, the price is a little higher than other Chinese PLCs. The RSLogix Pro is the Programming software of Rockwell Automation Technologies, Inc, and the software supports Only Ladder Language for SLC500 & Micrologix Family. However, Today plchmiservo.com would like to share the RSLogix 1000 Software Free Download Allen-Bradley Software and How to program and program Upload/Download the Program.

If we want to do PC communication with PLC then we have to set up the software in RSLinx Classic or RSLinx Classic Lite. So guys I would like to share the software of RSLogix 500 pro and RSLinx Classic/Lite.

+RSLogix Micro Stater Litre v8.30 Download free

+allen bradley connected components workbench download

Micrologix 1500 Software Download

The MicroLogix 1500 by Allen-Bradley is a group of Programmable Logic Controllers (PLCs) that can be expanded with the use of 1769 Compact Input / Output (I/O) modules. These controllers are more robust and powerful compared to other controllers. There are three different base units of MicroLogix 1500 to choose from and these three base units have different line power requirements and inputs and outputs configurations. 1) The 1764-24AWA- it has 120/240V ac line power and includes 12 embedded AC inputs, 12 relay outputs with 2 isolated relays per unit. 2) The 1764-24BWA, also has 120/240V ac line power and features 8 standard 24V dc inputs, 4 fast 24V dc inputs, 12 relay outputs with 2 isolated relays per unit, and 4 20 kHz inputs. 3) Finally, the 1764-28BXB runs on 24V dc line power and offers 8 standard 24V dc inputs, 8 fast 24V dc inputs, 6 relay outputs with isolated relays per unit, 4 standard 24V dc FET outputs, and 2 fast 24V dc FET outputs.

The micrologix 1500 controllers can be extended to 512 discrete Input/Output points. It supports expansion of one (1) Input/Output bank, where up to sixteen Compact Input/Output modules can be installed into the Expansion Bank. The Input/Output bank supports both horizontal and vertical orientation. MicroLogix 1500 Controllers are equipped with RS232 Serial Communication interface that is capable of supporting the AB’s own DF1 protocol in both Half Duplex and Full Duplex modes. This Communication channel is typically used to communicate with HMI (Human Machine Interface), SCADA (Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition), DCS (Distributed Control Systems), Controllers, Gateways, Databases and Programming Workstations. Additionally, the same Communication port can be used to establish connections with industrial communication networks through the use of an AIC (Advance Interface Converter), such as 1761-NET – AIC to connect to DH485 communication networks, 1761-NET-ENI or 1761-NET-ENIW for Ethernet communication and 1761-NET-DNI for DeviceNet network.

The MicroLogix 1500 product family consists of two processors that are installed to the basic hardware. The first processor, the 1764-LSP, has a 3.6 KB user program and 4 KB user data. The second processor, the 1764-LRP, has a 10 KB user program and 4 KB user data. The MicroLogix 1500 utilizes a Lithium battery to store the contents of its internal memory. Furthermore, the controller supports various memory and clock modules, including the 1764-MM1, 1764-MM1RTC, 1764-MM2, 1764-MM2RTC, 1764-MM3, and 1764-MM3RTC. Users can expand the controller’s capabilities by installing up to 16 Compact I/O modules, as well as I/O banks for rack expansion. For programming the MicroLogix 1500 controller, the RSLogix 500 programming software is used. It is a fully compliant software with an IEC-61131-3 system that uses ladder programming language to implement the program.

The MicroLogix 1500 firmware can be upgraded applying Allen-Bradley’s ControlFlash tool. There is no restriction on upgrading the firmware of these products as well as other products, however, caution should be applied when doing so, since firmware flashing may render any device unresponsive if interrupted during the process. Therefore, it is crucial to have a stable power supply and a reliable connection between the workstation and the controller during upgrades. It is recommended to connect the unit to a functioning UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply) for safety. However, in this blog post, we want to describe How to micrologix 1500 software download, What is micrologix 1400 software, and also How to allen bradley plc programming software download.

How to micrologix 1500 software download?

+You can download micrologix 1500 software from the “Compatibility / Download Center” section of the Rockwell automation website or you can directly Click Here-


+Then search for “micrologix 1500.” Then select “download” and sign in to your rockwell account or create an account.

+Finally, wait for downloading the micrologix 1500 software.

+>>>You can also visit the (http://plchmiservo.com) website for Micrologix 1500 software download and click on the “Micrologix 1500 Google drive link.”

What is RSLogix 500 Micrologix 1400 Micrologix 1400 PLC software?

A new programmable logic controller from Rockwell Automation, Allen-Bradley® MicroLogixTM 1400, complements the existing MicroLogix family of small, cheap, easy-to-use programmable logic controllers. This controller (MicroLogix 1400) combines the desired features of the MicroLogix 1100, including a built-in LCD, EtherNet/IP and online editing, with advanced features such as faster High-Speed Counter/PTO, better network capabilities, and higher I/O count. Users can be benefited from the built-in LCD, which offers back lighting and allows for the display of floating point values on a configurable user display, the configuration of Ethernet networks, OEM logo display during startup, and reading or writing any integer, binary and long file elements in the data table.

The MicroLogix 1400 is equipped with three communication ports, allowing for superior communication capabilities. The first port is a combination port for isolated RS232C/RS485 communication. The second is a non-isolated RS232C port, while the third is an RJ-45 port, enabling 10/100 Mbps EtherNet/IP peer-to-peer messaging, Modbus TCP/IP protocol, and DNP3 over IP. As with other MicroLogix devices, programming for the MicroLogix 1400 is done using RSLogix 500 programming software (version 8.1 or higher) or RSLogix Micro programming software.

How to Allen Bradley PLC Programming Software Download micrologix 1400 software & Micrologix 1500 software download?

The Allen-Bradley’s MicroLogix 1500 and MicroLogix 1400 PLCs are programmed with RSLogix 500 PLC programming software. So, please see the The allen bradley plc programming software following procedures mentioned below:

+Step 1: Open any web browser and do a Google search by entering “allen bradley plc programming software download” in the search bar.

+Step 2: Go to the “Compatibility & Downloads Center” of Rockwell automation website.

+Step 3: Search for “RsLogix Micro Starter.”

+Step 4: Choose the “Download” option.

+Step 5: Amplify the Menu and Press the Download Button on the appropriate version of the RSLogix Software.

+Step 6: Select the RSLogix Tools> RSLinx, RSLogix 500, and Emulate.

+Step 7: Log In to a Rockwell Account if previously registered.

+Step 8: {Not mandatory} – Create a New Account – Free.

+Step 9: Accept the Terms of Service.

+Step 10: Finally, use <Direct Download> or <Managed Download> option.



micrologix 1400 software manual


RSLogix 500 Software ‘Setup’ Process:

Download the software from our website or Rockwell Automation Website then Extract the Software

+^01: Then Double set up & click Yes.

+^02: Welcome to the RSLogix 500 English V8.30.00 to continue & Click Next”.

+^03: Select I accept the terms in the license agreement & click next.

+^04: Type User Name and Organization name also Serial Number then click Next.

+^05:  Choose the setup type and click Next.

+^06: Click “Install”.

+^07: Click “Finish”.

RSLinx Classic _V4.21.00 Setup Process

Download RSLinx Classic Lite V4.21 and Extract the software then click Setup.

Click “Install Now”.

Click “Accept All”.

Restart “Your Computer”.

Important Note how to open RSLinx Classic Lite

Go to Start and RSLinx Clasic

Right Button Click and Go to More and Click “Run as Administrator”.

RSLogix 1000 Software Allen-Bradley PLC Program Upload/Download System:


+^01: Go to the  RSLinx Classic Lite then Open the Software click Configure Drives and select 01 RS-232 DF1 devices and click ok

Select Comport (01) then click Auto Configure (02) when Auto Configuration is Successful then click ok (03).

Click Red Icon check PLC Connect or Not Connect and Comport check.

Go to RSLogix 500 click tools and click options.

Click (01) System Communications and Click(02) select AB_DF1 and Click Who Active(03)

Select Micrologix 1000 and Click OK (04).

Click Apply (05) and OK (06).

Go to Download and click yes.

Click Yes (07).


+02: Open the Software RSLogix 500 then Go to the Upload.

System Communication (02) and click who is active and click Apply and OK.

Click Upload and click Create a new file.

Do you want to go online click Yes (05)

>>>[Download] RSLogix 1000 Software Free Download Allen-Bradley the Google Drive Link

>>>Software Link:

+ Click Here for the Download of Allen Bradly All Software

+ [Download] Allen-Bradly RSLogix 500 SLC PLC Software


[Download] RXLinx Classic V4.21



[Download] RXLinx Classic V2.57

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