[Download] Siemens Step7 v5 6 Windows 10 “S7-300/400 PLC Software”

The latest Software Step 7 Version 5.6 is the Configuration and Programming Software for Siemens S7300 and 400 PLCs. The S7 300/400 PLCs are extremely well PLC In the SIMATIC Family. However, plchmiservo.com will describe here [Download] Step7 v5 6 Windows 10 S7-300/400 PLC Software and How to Hardware configure and Programming and Upload and Download process.

SIMATIC S7-300 PLCs and S7-1500 PLCs are the same in shape and size. This PLC is used for Critical Operations all over the world and for Approximately All Sectors. Errors can be easily detected with this Semantic Step 7 V5.6 software.

Supported Windows Step7 v5 6 Windows 10

+ Microsoft Windows -7 Ultimate, Professional & Enterprise (64-bit)

+ Microsoft Windows -10 Pro (64-bit)

+ Microsoft Windows -Server 2008 -R2 (64-bit)

+ Microsoft Windows- Server 2012 -R2 (64-bit)

+ Microsoft Windows -Server 2016 (64-bit)

Software Setup Process of Step 7 Pro

+Step 01: Download and Extract the software Step7 v5 6 Windows 10 then Again Mount here or Extract it then Open the file and click on Setup, Then need to Restart your PC, then again open the software, and click on Setup and Yes

+Step 02: Select the Installation Language and Next

+Step 03:Click on Next

+Step 04: Select Source License agreement………..and Next >>2 times

+Step 04: Select I accept Change …………. Then click Next

+Step 05: Click On Install Then Next >Next>then User Information and click Next

+Step 6: Select ^Typical & Next

+Step 7: Select Step7 Product Language & Next

+Step 8: Select Yes, Transfer ……………….and Next

+Step 9: Click “Install” and Wait a few minutes (25-45) for the installation of the Software

+Step10:  Now Click “OK”, Then Click “Skip”

+Step11: Select Finish, and Restart your PC.

+Step12: Now Install the SIM EKB So Download and Extract the software SIM_EKB_Install_2020_10_10 then Right Click on SIM EKB Install and click Run as Administrator

+Step13: Then Select Four (4) steps as shown below

+Step14: Then Unlock the Software

How to Hardware Set S7 300/400 PLCs

+for example Need One CPU 312C

+One Power Supply

+Digital Input/output Module 01 PCs

+Step15: Go to File Then Click New” Type the Project Name and click ok.

+Step16: Right Click on Project name plchmiservo then go to Insert New Object then Click on SIMATIC 300 Station.

+Step17: Double Click on SIMATIC 300

+Step18:  Then go to Hardware Double Click and go to PLC Series S7-300

+Step19: Click Rail

+Step 20: Then Select PS…………………

+Step 21: Then select CPU 312C

+Step 22: Select Digital Input/Output Module

+Step 23: Click Save and Compile

+Step 24: Go to SIMATIC Manager Then Double Click on CPU312C

+Step 25: Click SIMATIC 300 >CPU>S7>Block>OB1

+Step 26: Double click on OB1 Then select the Programming language and OK.

>>>> Download Google Drive Link>>>>

We have given here [Download] Step7 v5 6 Windows 10 S7-300/400 PLC Software Google drive link to download the required software.

+ [Download]Step7 –V5.6 Pro S7/300/400 PLC Software For 64 bit

Link: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1Wo2PGJKPjYf24CaywxuxTxzTQXsgqMpm/view?usp=sharing

+ [Download] Automation License Manager



+ [Download] SIM_EKB_Install_2020


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